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Hostels Las Vegas: Stay at a hostel in Las Vegas, Hostels Las Vegas is the place for travelers who want hotel amenities at hostel rates.

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PLANNING YOUR TRIP: The idea of making Vegas another Disney is pretty much dead and gone. Do not expect a “family-friendly” place, not at these prices. Vegas is returning to its adult roots, with all that entails, so you should think twice—and then some more—about dragging Junior along with you to Sin City. Having said that, you might, with some planning, end up spending a little bit less this year than in the most recent past. Vegas experienced a huge loss in revenue in the paste few years, plus about a 50% drop in tourism, resulting in about 14,000 people being laid off, the largest labor cuts experienced by any one city in the nation. With the economy in flux, continuing concerns about security during travel, and all sorts of world-shaking events occurring, tourism for Vegas is up and down and up and down, and what you are going to face is unpredictable. Conventions are still coming to town—not as huge, perhaps, as in the past, but enough to make hotel bookings impossible during their staging. The rest of the time, you might well find a bargain.

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